Custom patches as a fashion statement

The fashion world is a highly volatile environment. Trends come and go very quickly. Some trends do not even last for a season. A fashionista who lives by trends will find it very difficult to keep up. Fashion media will one day declare that animal prints are the craze, only to be replaced by plaid in a few weeks. A month after, the plaid fad will die down, giving way to the bohemian trend. This cycle goes on and on, with fads making comebacks, old styles combining, and new styles emerging.

Fashion wisdom, however, points out that comfort must outweigh aesthetics:

One may be able to follow all the trends religiously. But at the end of the day, one has to be comfortable in what he is wearing. When one is uneasy about what he is wearing, even if it is the in thing, his body language will become tense and he will lose confidence. Whereas when one is comfortable with his outfit, then he will beam with ease and self-assurance. Confidence is still the best accessory after all, beating the precious pearls, chunky necklaces, sparkling charms, neat hats, and flashy watches.

Embroidered-PatchesAlthough trends are useful in providing pegs for fashion watchers, fashionistas are advised to stick to trends that are according to their personal taste. Trends are unstable and unpredictable while personal style remains. Personal style does not fade because a person takes it with him no matter what. It is up to a fashionista to cultivate and nurture his personal style so that he may express it in outfits and accessories that he is comfortable with wearing.

One way for a fashionista to express his individuality is through the use of customized embroidered patches. Custom patches are usually seen on student and company uniforms as well as on corporate bags and jackets. Since they are customized, fashionistas can utilize patches to add oomph to their getup. They can be sewn into other apparel apart from shirts, dresses, bags, and jackets. They can also be sewn into caps, hats, scarves, pants, shorts, belts, and canvas shoes. Fashionistas have the option to use one, a couple of, or many custom patches. They can even alter their apparel by removing or adding patches.

The design possibilities of Custom patches are endless:

For starters, the first letter of one’s name is a popular patch design. It is simple yet the selected letter means a lot for one who owns the patch. Others opt to include their initials in their patches. A memorable number, birth date, or anniversary date can also be featured in a patch. If one is wary about sharing a bit of their personal information via their patch designs, he can choose a photo of something related to his interests. Such patch can show one’s favorite sport, food, animal, television show, word, saying, or hobby.

Others, meanwhile, are proud to make their advocacies known through their Custom patches. Those who are patriotic proudly wear their nation’s flag on their shirts and jackets. Peace advocates can simply wear patches bearing the peace sign or the word “peace.” Those involved in political affairs can have patches made to show support for their party or leader. The environmentalists at heart wear patches that urge others to save Mother Earth via artworks and slogans. Other popular advocacies are those against illegal drugs and drunk driving.


It is up to a fashionista to determine the aspect of his personality which he wants to be featured in his customized patches. He can share his actual design with our Patches4Less graphic designers who will create a digital proof. If the fashionista is not adept in designing, he can communicate his ideas with our design team. Our experienced designers will assist him in creating a personalized patch design. He can choose from hundreds of thread colors, border types, shapes, and styles. He can also choose from the attachment options of Velcro, sew-on, tape backing, iron-on, and button loops.

Once the fashionista finalizes his patch design, his customized embroidered patches are good to go for production, inspection, and shipping. With a minimum order of 10 pieces per design, a fashionista can very well decorate a lot of pieces in his wardrobe. The use of Custom patches is one sure way for a fashionista to stand out by making a statement on his personal style. It allows a fashionista to explore his creative juices from conceptualizing patch designs to decorating wardrobe pieces.