Callaway Golf Clubs

Aside from world-class golfing accessories and equipment, Callaway is mostly known for its excellent and top-rated Callaway golf clubs. Since the company’s vision has always been to provide golfing enthusiasts ultimate enjoyment, they design, manufacture and sell superior golf clubs to more than a 100 countries globally.

Over the years, Callaway golf clubs have acquired the services of some of the top golf club designers in the industry. In the 80s, chief club designer Richard Helmstetter introduced the use of computer technology in creating golf clubs. In fact he and master tool maker Glenn Schmidt together developed the original Big Bertha driver, one of the best drivers in the world.

If you’re passionate about the game of golf, you know that Callaway golf clubs can be expensive. However, you can get the best prices if you purchase at This top discount retailer offers rock bottom prices of quality golf clubs.

If you are looking for Callaway golf clubs, here are some that are available at

1. Callaway Golf-XR Driver

Callaway GolfThe XR driver guarantees top-notch speed at every turn. Its aerodynamic crown, face, and shaft load are all designed for optimum speed. Made from hardy titanium, this driver has the superior features. The speed that you get from the XR driver’s step crown is combined with an aerodynamic head. This design allows maximum speed and reduced drag, which is critical for a driver. In order to increase ball speeds, the XR driver has a reduced face weight. Its thinner design allows more energy efficiency.

As a result, the resulting moment of inertia (MOI) is higher. The new Project X LZ results in optimum shaft load, which allows greater energy transfer to the ball. You also get to choose from a total of eight lofts and configurations in order for you to make the perfect ball flight launch. This driver consistently gets high ratings from users who buy it.

Three other golf drivers from Callaway are available at The other model is the Callaway XR 16 Pro-driver. They also have the Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Black Diamond Driver, and for ladies, the Ladies XR 16 driver.

2. XR-Pro Fairway Wood
Callaway Golf ClubsFairway woods are an important part of any golf set and are used for long-distance shots. Whether you are playing off the tee or on the fairway, the newly overhauled XR-Pro Fairway Wood from Callaway offers greater ball speeds at increased distance and forgiveness. Callaway has re-engineered the internal standing wave of this fairway wood in order to get more distance and consistency.

The development of the next generation forged hyper speed face cup, which is lighter and thinner, increases ball speed across the face and makes the clubs easier to hit. The head shapes of the fairway wood have been completely redesigned and they put in the Project X LZ, which results in optimum speed from the maximum shaft load.

3. X-Hot N15 Hybrid Clubs

Callaway also has excellent hybrid clubs available, including the X Hot N15 Combo Iron set that features engineered thin speed face, maximum forgiveness, and a high launch. The thin speed face delivers fast ball speeds. Maximum forgiveness allows missed hits to fly further and straighter.
Hybrid Clubs
Other hybrid clubs available from Callaway are the XR Hybrid and the Edge hybrid.

4. Golf Iron Sets

There are 10 models of golf iron sets available at The XR OS Combo Irons Graphite/Steel model has a wider sole design to make it even faster and easier to hit. The wide soles also give you more forgiveness and give you more distance as you hit the ball on impact. The XR model also comes in all graphite and all steel models.

Golf Iron SetsOn the other hand, the Apex Pro 16 irons steel was designed based on the feedback of Callaway’s tour players. The classic look of this iron is influenced with the pro players’ extensive input. It is made from mild carbon steel and the design optimizes the center of gravity. For non-pros, there is also an available Apex model, the Apex CF 16 irons graphite.

The XR irons steel model is completely redesigned with new construction and shape. The improved face cup 360 technology gives you higher speeds at every impact. It delivers precision.

5. Wedges

The Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 2 Wedge is a popular tour wedge and their sole grinds can be customized for additional versatility. The micro-groves that are laser milled were added to support the roughness of the face. This allows for more spin and control as you shoot the ball.

There are three types of grind features: The C-Grind, the U-Grind, and the S-Grind. For the C-Grind, the sole is ground into the shape of a C, which allows you to easily open the face as you play and at the same time maintain a more upright loft when the shot requires considerable distance. The shots of the U-Grind have a very high flight path with built-in bounce characteristics. The S-Grind is appropriate for all types of players and is a standard in wedge grind design.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Research Chemicals

Professional athletes and bodybuilders are curious about advice to buy research chemicals that promise enhanced physical performance and amazingly fast fat loss. One of these is GW-501516, also called Cardarine in pharmaceutical circles.

Research shows it was originally being studied by the giant firm Glaxo Smithkline, but was discontinued for reasons that will be taken up later in this article. It is important to know as much as you can about this product, before you decide to buy research chemicals.

smartIn recent field studies, GW-510516 has been shown to considerably increase exercise endurance among test animals – rats in this case – giving them the ability to run double their normal pace and length of time. When the manufacturers got the approval to sell this to the human market, the first to grab them from pharmacy shelves were athletes and other people seeking higher endurance levels during physical activity.

The other important use that researchers found for this drug was that it immediately effect faster fat loss among the subject animals, and found no reason to ban this on humans. In fact, it has been in use for a few years, and no negative effect has so far been recorded.

So before you buy research chemicals, make sure you check whether you’re one of those who need to loose fat, because if you happen to be thin, perilously thin, you may not need this at all. It could do more harm than good in fact.

Here are some items and findings about the drug that could help you make the right decision before you buy research chemicals like GW-501516:

The use of GW-501516 may be a viable treatment for reducing obesity and various other conditions linked to it. The drug can help reduce or reverse problems in the Men who are obese and that have symptoms of per-diabetes due to the problems with their metabolism.

How does it work on that aspect?

Catabolic DrugsVarious studies on this PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) in laboratory rats indicate that it a regulates the various proteins that are body uses for the energy. Rats with high fat and low metabolism were given the product and they lost weight and noticeably increased their overall energy levels. Among humans, the fat starts to come off quickly and isn’t catabolic. Furthermore, fat loss in this case won’t result in the loss of muscle either. That is one thing that makes this so attractive to bodybuilders.

In 2008, concerns were raised among sports officials that GW-501516 may be abused by athletes. Up to now, the compound has yet tp be named a controlled or prohibited substance by any nation’s drug regulation agency. And no athlete to date has been found to have tested positive for the substance.

The other sector that could benefit from this in this regard are those whose metabolism has become slower, usually as a result of old-age. Slower metabolism results in faster fat gain, so when you buy research chemicals like GW-501516, you get the double benefit.

Earlier tests actually showed the drug as more beneficial for those trying to prevent muscle loss, especially as an effect of enduring illness. Cancer patients suffer from this malady especially as a result of chemotherapy, so doctors advise them to buy GW-501516 to counter the effects.

It is also important to mention that in the process of fat reduction, the drug burns the fat instead of sugar – fat that is stored in the body precisely for that added boost when needed.

Now, about the side effects. As mentioned earlier in the article, Glaxo Smith Kline discontinued producing the drug in 2009, when tests showed that it rapidly causes cancers in a multiple of organs – the liver, stomach, bladder, skin, tongue, and even the ovaries and womb. In later studies, the conclusion is that there isn’t enough data to validate or dismiss such a claim.

It became a consoling factor that the drug isn’t toxic for the liver, and that is important to point out when you decide to buy research chemicals like GW-501516.

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